NP Version Updates

  • Nature’s Pulse upgrade details

Listed below are the changes, enhancements and fixes for version 4.1 of Nature’s Pulse:

Build 1
Runtime error 200 was resolved
Year 2000 compatibility added for data formats
ASCII dates can now accept these formats:  MMDDYYYY, MM/DD/YYYY, DDMMYYYY, DD/MM/YYYY, YYYYMMDD, YYYY/MM/DD
Old format files with a 2-digit year can still be used will work properly for date calculations like F4, or jumping to a specific date (F9)
METASTOCK format up to version 6.52 can be read for Y2K format including XMASTER extension for up to 2000 data files, not the old 255 limit
CSI format updated for year 2000 format
Also changed to reflect new extensions in data format which caused some indexes to display incorrectly
WORDEN/TC2000 format supported (up to Version 3 format) – Version 4 data must be exported to Version 3 to work properly
AIQ format supported with Trading Expert v5.0
ENSIGN format supported for Versions 5 & 6, and Ensign Windows
FUTURE SOURCE format supported
PRO format supported
DOW JONES format supported
TECHTOOLS works, but ongoing data availability unknown at this time

Fixed data display when displaying different time format (F3), it did not show years back to 1900 correctly
All input date prompts and output dates on reports have been changed to show a four digit year
F4 date difference calculation has been fixed to show proper elapsed time
F9 Goto date has been corrected to jump to proper date
Requires four digit year input now instead of two digits
Now assumes default DOP file for Metastock V6.x data if none are present
Assumes 7 field Daily format(Date,Open,High,Low,Close,Vol,OI)
Assumes 8 field Intraday format(Date,Time,Open,High,Low,Close,Vol,OI)
Logic error messages for Invalid High, Low, Close added to output report during check for missing holiday dates (Close must be between high and low price, High must be greater than low, etc.)
Total hits and percentage for each date on AUTOSCAN report added
File directory list is now sorted when selecting new file path
Open File window now starts at beginning of the file list
Directory search has been fixed to show read-only directories
When doing Studies and selecting “Clear Screen”, it now defaults to stay where you are located and not jump to the end of the data file
Maximum bars you can see on a forecast going forward has been increased from 500 to 750
Corrected error when over 64000 records are present for Future Source file
Price status line now displays 7 characters, not 6 on data line, meaning 2 decimals places now show on S&P charts
Added missing date index number on time cluster reports for cycle A,B,D
When selecting F9-Go to date, the cursor is positioned at the center date
Nature’s Pulse version number has been added to header line
Screen display error and occasional system lockup corrected during selecting ERRORS.PRN Overwrite/Append option
Font style changed to more modern look to allow better readability

Build 2,3
Metastock Version 7 data format can be read directly up to the 2000 file limit
Holiday file updated with dates from 1968-2002

Build 4,5,6
Fixed minor spacing display error for AIQ, CSI, Metastock, ASCII, and APEX
Re-activated function to compute summary volume on non-daily charts
Volume display added back to non-daily status line
Corrected error on Metastock files without a DOP file

Build 7
Added two new options to export date and time clusters to disk file

Build 8
Added YYYY/MM/DD as additional ASCII date format

Build 9
Minor fix to Metastock 5 field format

Build 10
Metastock file format (DOP) checks for mixed case vs. only upper case
Executable compiled into one EXE file
Status line display during print updated for correct copyright information
Include ability to run in Vista and Windows 7

Build 10.1
Include ability to run in Windows 8 and 10
Holiday file updated with dates from 1968-2030
Date files updated with dates up to 2035

Build 11
Fixes to Metastock if folder does not have DOP files

Build 12
Allow ASCII date formats to handle both 1 and 2 digit months