NP Full

This is a full product of Nature’s Pulse 4.1 and contains all necessary files for the application including sample data files.

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Your purchase includes 90 days of e-mail support for problems or questions.
After this period, unlimited e-mail support is available to you.

Your purchase includes all fixes, patches and other updates for version 4 at no additional charge.

The version 4.1 full version is $495.00
PLEASE NOTE: No refunds are available.

Installation file will be sent via e-mail along with manual sent as a PDF file
TOTAL $495.00

Along with the application itself, you will receive a 160+ page manual in PDF format with clear explanations and examples of how to use the product as well with the sample data files included. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat to read the PDF file, click on the logo to download the free reader.

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