Pulse Technologies announces Version 4.1 of Nature’s Pulse offering improved compatibility and other enhancements and fixes.

Upgrade Only
For registered users of previous versions of Nature’s Pulse
Full Product
For new users to Nature’s Pulse, includes the full application, user’s manual, and 90 days of e-mail support

Summary of Version Updates
View details of Version 4.1 changes/enhancements
Version 4.1 Demo
Click here to download a demo of Nature’s Pulse to see its capabilities and common features. Download this file into a separate folder, unzip it, and click to run the NPDEMO file
Examples/Screen Shots
View examples of the five cycles and two accordion studies
Nature’s Pulse provides users with superior technical analysis tools to analyze the markets for potential time and price turning points and other features:
  • Very easy to use
  • Multiple time and price analysis based on user set parameters, both fixed bar counts and multiplier ratios. Five different types of cycle studies can be generated:
    • “A” study: Project a single cycle length from user selected point(s)
    • “B” study: Project multiple cycle lengths from user selected point(s)
    • “C” study: Project future cycles from two user selected points and multiplier file
    • “D” study: Project future cycles from multiple user selected points and multiplier file. The most powerful and fastest analysis available.
    • “E” study: Project future cycles based on two user selected points but beginning from a third point.
  • Bars used in the calculations can be selected in three ways:

    • Manually by the user
    • Automatically by percentage swing
    • Automatically by highest high or lowest low within a selected number of bars 
    • Simple, visual summary of time/price projections are shown with ability to view details of how they were calculated. Printed reports are also available.
  • Active time and price accordions that are adjustable “on the fly” to perform visual examinations quickly
  • Autoscan feature which scans a user-selected set of data files for potential upcoming turning points and generates a report of findings. A powerful and easy way to filter out candidates with potential turning points
  • Easily switch display between daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly views
  • Easily calculate and display time counts from a starting bar in trading days, calendar days, weeks, months, years, and 360° circle
  • Optionally displays volume bars
  • Charts can be displayed in bar graph or close only formats
  • Displays in trading or calendar days
  • Unique “Color Stick”™ bar displays
  • User controlled number of bars displayed on screen easily changeable
  • Jump to selected dates quickly
  • Log scale display available
  • Scans data files for missing or out of sequence days or invalid High/Low/Close information and provides report
  • Works with daily or intraday data files
  • Data Formats supported: Metastock (up to v7), CSI, ASCII, TC2000(v3), Computrac, Future Source, AIQ, Dow Jones, PRO Data, Ensign, TechTools, Apex/NSquared