HOLIDAY1      Market Holiday file with dates from 1968-2023 (Updated December 2019)
DATE              Updated weekly dates file 


Q: I’m getting an error on running weekly projections using the accordion?
A: Click here to download an updated weekly date file and copy it to the folder where you have Nature’s Pulse installed.

Q: Can I use my HP Deskjet printer for output?
A: Yes. Just define your printer as an HP LaserJet. Most HP Deskjets use the same print codes as the laser printer.

Q: Why do I get the message “Not all holidays may be accounted for”?
A: When running forecast projections into the future, if a projected date would be greater than the last date in your holiday file, you will get this message. To correct this, simply manually add the next year’s holidays to your existing file, or an easier method is to download the most current default holiday file here and copy over the existing HOLIDAY1 file in the folder where you have Nature’s Pulse installed.

Q: How can I capture the color screen image?
A: Just press the “Print Screen” key. The screen image is now captured in the Windows Clipboard. You can view/print it in color by using the “Clipboard Viewer” in the Start, Accessories, System Tools. You can also paste it into other software program that can modify images such as Paint Shop Pro. 

Q: Can I print to a USB connected printer?
A: Unfortunately no, only LPT connected printers will work directly. You can get a screen image capture program and print from the Windows clipboard (or see question above)

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