“A” Cycle

Here is an example of the “A” cycle feature of Nature’s Pulse.

The A-Cycle is a static cycle length projected forward in time. Nature’s Pulse can calculate projections up to 750 bars into the future.

There is a regular 9 month cycle in the Dow that has been in effect for quite some time.
We selected the July 1996 time frame and applied a 9 month cycle projected forward.

As you see the next projected turning point was in mid-January 2001.

9mos.gif (33391 bytes)

You can put on additional static cycles as well. Multiplying this 9 month cycle by 1.44 provides us with a second cycle length of approximately 13 months. Look at how many other key turning points are indicated from adding this to the first cycle.

9mosplus.gif (14784 bytes)


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